Lathe Table


Design for a new Lathe Table to replace the old bench


Lathe Table Designs

My Dimension Design for the Lathe Table.
Click on the Images below to download their PDF.


Front Layout Design

Dimension for the over all views

Welso_002_Layout 2_FullSized.JPG

Isometric View

Overall View of the Project

Welso_002_Layout 3_FullSized.JPG

Case Dimensions

Case Dimentions

Welso_002_Layout 1_FullSized.JPG

Top Dimensions

Top Dimensions

Welso_002_Layout 4_FullSized.JPG

Cutting Layout 1/3

Cutting Layout for the Case

Welso_002_Layout 5_FullSized.JPG

Cutting Layout "Top" 2/3

Top Layout

Welso_002_Layout 6_FullSized.JPG

Layout Dimensions

Layout Dimensions