New Lathe Table. Part 1

The Lathe has been siting on a temporary Bench for years. Rubbish has accumulated under and around it.

Time for a proper Table with storage draws and a place to safely store the tuning tools and chisels.

First to get the area cleaned up which will be a task in its self.

Boards Cut up for the frame and put together.

I used Pocket holes joinery again on this project.

I added a Tasmanian Oak trim to the front edging and then it was time for a sand down with 180 and then 240 grit and off for spraying.

I added two coats of clear urethane sanding between coats with 240 grit

Draw Slides put in and Back on.

Set the cabinet in position and leveled it.

Started making the Draws and putting them in.

Next update, i'll finish the draws and do the top.