Mallet in Gidgee

Found a nice piece of Gidgee that had been sitting around in the Workshop for years.

I needed a new mallet for my chisels so decided to use it and turn it into a mallet.

With Sharp Tools it was easy to turn. I just took my time.

I'm very happy with the out come.

Acacia cambagei

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Acacia cambagei, commonly known as gidgee, stinking wattle or stinking gidgee, is an endemic tree of Australia. It is found primarily in semiarid and arid Queensland, but extends into the Northern Territory, South Australia and north-western New South Wales. It can reach up to 12 m in height and can form extensive open woodland communities.[1] The leaves, bark, and litter of A. cambagei produce a characteristic odour, vaguely reminiscent of boiled cabbage, that accounts for the common name of "stinking gidgee".