Garage / Workshop Upgrade - Part 1

First was the Clamp Rack.

The top and back was 19mm2 Pine with a Tasmanian oak boarder around the top.

Sides and shelves were 19mm2 plywood glued and screwed. Tasmanian Oak dowels were used for the Spring clamps.

The clamps fitted well.


Next came the saw blade cabinet.

I needed a place to hold my 305mm and 250mm saw blade and 200mm dado blades so that the would be handy but not in the way. With a young grand son starting to explore, i need something that i could lock up as well.

Cabinets tidied



Getting Ready for the New Bench

On to cleaning away the old Bench to make way for the new. I need a better system to be more efficient.

I started by moving all the tools and equipment to the other side of the garage. Then the job of dismantling the old bench.

I saved a lot of the timber but had to throw a lot of the old pieces away.


Next will be new power points, fixing holes, painting and getting prepared to make the new bench.

In part two I'll be tidying up and starting work on the new bench.