Glass Coffee Table

I acquired a Glass Table top some time back and put it away in storage. I came across it lately and decided to do a low coffee table.

First Step was to measure up the table and get on the computer and do some designs.

With the Designs done, i went about looking through the rack for timber. I was sent some Sassafras from Tasmania end of last year and found that the timber could be milled down to the right size.

I rechecked my designs and thought I could jazz it up a bit.

Altered the sign slightly to give some curves to the project

So I started shaping the legs and rails to suit

With the legs and rails shaped I then drilled the holes for the floating tenons.

The Festool domino maker is a wonder to use. It realy made the build easy.

Now it was time for a dry fit. to make sure all was right.

Everything went together well. So now for the sanding, glue up and finish.

The finish i used was Danish Oil. Three coats with sanding to 240 grit in between.

Once Done. places the glass on top and positioned in Lounge Room for Photos.

I'm very happy with the outcome.